Good things happening in Pittsfield! Whiskey Treaty Roadshow Live CD/DVD

For those of you who don't know, The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow is like the Captain Planet of folksy roots-rock music. Five individuals with each their own unique and powerful singing and songwriting gifts: Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, and of course, Heart.  And when their powers combine...  

Anyway, these guys are the shit and have a lot of energy, soul and great songs to share. Last Monday I was lucky to join them (Billy Keane, Tory Hanna, David Tanklefsky, Greg Smith, Chris Merenda along with bassist extraordinaire Andy Wrba) in recording a live CD/DVD as part of the "Shire City Sessions," a new this year Pittsfield concert series that will hopefully be around for many years to come.  Check back for some clips soon.

Also thanks to Hudson Whiskey for providing arguably the most important part of any Whiskey Treaty Roadshow performance:  the whiskey!  And to the Novel Ideas for opening the show - they are awesome!

Photo: Michael J. Valenti