Natal Drums: Joining the fam!!

I'm super excited to officially announce that I'm a part of the Natal family of artists!!  If you're unfamiliar, check out these drums - especially if you're into a vintage sounding kit that's easy on the eyes!  These drums are easy to tune, easy to play, have a warm "buttery" sound (as described in the Feb 2017 Modern Drummer), and are stunning on stage.  I really appreciate having the support of this company and I'm honored to join this family of bad-ass drummers (who you should also check out if you're unfamiliar:  Marko Djordevic of Sveti and Jonah Smith fame, the shuffle king Jason Smay w/ J.D. McPherson, Jano Rix from the Wood Bros.  These guys are killing!).  If you make it out to a Honeyhoney show this summer come check these babies out!