New Catfish Blue record "Sky Grows Light" out today!

If we've been friends for a long time or if you hung out at La Cocina in Pittsfield MA a lot in 1997, you probably know about a band called Catfish Blue. We played roughly a million gigs between 1996 and 2003 but parted ways before recording a whole album's worth of material. This past summer we got together for a week in MN and went into the studio to finally lay those songs down. It was a great week of music, inside jokes, basement rehearsals, family + friends, gigs and recording with Sean McPherson Steve McPherson and Todd Stentiford. I'm very excited to share the result, "Sky Grows Light" by Catfish Blue - please check it out!

Click here for "Sky Grows Light" and all other things Catfish Blue.  

"Sky Grows Light" is a brand new record of songs written 15 years ago by a band that doesn't really exist.