I've turned into a pretty big gear geek the past few years.  Especially with Vintage drums.  I'll post some pics and other details soon.  


Gretsch 1960's Round Badge Silver Sparkle Progressive Jazz

  • 14x5.5 Snare
  • 12x8 Tom
  • 14x14 Floor Tom
  • 20x14 Bass Drum

Ludwig 1970 Natural Maple (Bonham kit)

  • 14x6.5 Supraphonic Snare
  • 15x12 Tom
  • 16x16 Floor Tom
  • 18x16 Floor Tom
  • 26x14 Bass Drum 

Smith Custom Drums 

  • 14x6 Snare
  • 12x8 Tom (or 10x8)
  • 16x15 Floor Tom (or 14x14)
  • 22x18 Bass Drum (or 18x16)


Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad
Roland KD-7 Kick Trigger